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Product Overview

Sleep easy knowing your baby is Okay.

The Owlet Smart Sock 2 Baby Monitor uses a proven technology to track your baby's heart rate and oxygen levels and notifies you with lights and sounds if something appears to be wrong.

This is uncomparable peace of mind. 

Using Owlet's app, you can view real-time wellness data and receive direct notifications on your phone. Now you can relax and sleep, worry-free.

Product Features

Pulse Oximetry Technology

The Smart Sock uses pulse oximetry technology to send vital information to a base station, which is designed to notify you with lights and sounds if something appears to be wrong. Parents who use the Owlet Smart Sock report better sleep and less worry. 

Everything You Need to Know Baby is Okay

You probably sleep less than desired with a baby at home; now you can fully take advantage of your night knowing your baby is safe thanks to the Owlet Smart Sock 2 Baby Monitor.

Track your baby's heart rate and oxygen levels while streaming HD video and audio to your Smartphone Owlet App. Have complete peace of mind knowing you can hear, see, and keep an eye on your baby's heart rate and oxygen levels from anywhere. Available in iOS and Android.

Worry less and sleep better

The Smart Sock connects to a base station that glows green, letting you know everything is okay but uses lights, sounds, and app notifications if heart rate or oxygen levels are too high or too low. Parents can sleep better and experience less anxiety, knowing they'll be made aware if levels go outside of preset zones.

Convenient, easy-to-use

Each unit includes 3 washable socks that comfortably wrap around the baby's foot and connect to a base station up to 100 ft. away without wires. Socks fit most infants from 0-18 months or 6-25 pounds and should be hand washed regularly and alternated from right to left foot each night. Always keep the base station at least three feet away from your baby's crib.

Smartphone app

See real-time heart rate and oxygen levels on multiple phones using Owlet's cloud-connected app. Free iOS & Android apps available. The new history tab provides parents with historical trends for heart rate and oxygen and sleep tracking to see how long and how well the baby slept.

You can also manage twins and multiples in one way.

Accurate Readings

Notifications pause when the baby is wiggling to get accurate readings, so you only get notifications when it matters most.

    Monitor Camera Add On

    You may select to purchase the Owlet Smart Baby Monitor Duo, which also includes the camera. The Owlet Cam's 1080p video lets you see your baby in crystal clear detail during the day and night. 

    Secure, Encrypted WIFI: Only those you choose can stream footage from your Owlet Cam. The Owlet Cam uses AES 128-bit encryption and TLS connection to WIFI.

    Product Specifications


    User Guide

    Smart Sock User Guide


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