Nuwave CPAP Cleaner Bundle

Nuwave CPAP Cleaner Combo (Plus & Travel)

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Item #: NW-004

Product Overview

You had me at combo.

If you're a fan of NUWAVE® CPAP Cleaner technology, effectiveness, and portability, it only makes sense to get the complete package.

The Combo (Plus & Travel) gives you the comfort of a large NUWAVE® Plus sanitizing chamber to sanitize the water chamber and CPAP mask in one convenient automated cycle, and a unique small sanitizing chamber ideal for travel.

Product Features

Combo Sanitizing Unit

The NUWAVE® CPAP Sanitizing Combo Unit comes with a large NUWAVE Plus sanitizing chamber which allows CPAP patients to sanitize the water chamber and CPAP mask in one convenient automated cycle. And also includes a unique small sanitizing chamber which is great for travel. 

The NUWAVE® CPAP Cleaner Travel helps you clean your water chamber and mask separately as the bag's smaller footprint will save you some space when packing. The unit is small and portable, making it great for travel because your CPAP equipment should remain clean wherever you go. The bag fits comfortably in a carry-on so you can pack light and easy when you're on the go. 

The larger unit is ideal for home use and comfortably fits your CPAP mask and water chamber for a one-stop cleaning solution. 

Easy to Operate

The NUWAVE® CPAP Sanitizing Unit makes it easy to stay consistent with a cleaning routine because it's so simple to use! Simply place your CPAP mask and water humidifier in the chamber and close the unit. Then, connect your tubing to the generator and to the fitting on the sanitizing chamber. Press the button on the NUWAVE® ozone generator for two seconds, and you will start the ozone sanitizing process.


The sanitizing process will last for 30 minutes, followed by a five minute flush of fresh air into the sanitizing chamber. The included ozone filter will help convert the ozone back to active oxygen within two hours.

Kills 99.9% of Germs

NUWAVE® is an automatic CPAP sanitizing system. It kills 99.9% of germs such as E.Coli and Staphylococcus aureus, so you can breathe in clean air and stay healthy and consistent with your sleep therapy treatment. 

Handwashing your equipment not only is very time consuming but is not as effective and can leave germs and bacteria that can get you sick. The NUWAVE® CPAP Sanitizing Unit simplifies your cleaning routine and makes it feasible to keep your sleep therapy gear in good shape.

Patent Pending Technology

The zipper bag chamber prevents ozone from leaking into the environment. NUWAVE® is designed with an advanced configuration of a particular fitting using a zipper to open and fully close the unit, so the ozone safely remains inside.

Both sanitizing chambers incorporate the unique patent-pending universal flange fitting which is great for patients with joint pain and or arthritis. Both NUWAVE sanitizing chambers are easy to connect, help contain the ozone, and are extremely effective at helping to kill bacteria (99.9%). An ozone filter is provided, which can be used in either bag, to help convert the ozone back to oxygen after the sanitization cycle is completed.

Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery

NUWAVE® is provided with a long battery life that can last as many as 8-9 sanitizing cycles before needing a charge. Re-charging is simple by plugging the unit into a wall outlet using the provided power cord and USB charger adapter.

Replacement Bag

The NUWAVE® Plus replacement bag is sold separately as a replacement item for your Nuwave CPAP Cleaner Plus. The NUWAVE® bag fits your CPAP equipment at once for effective and time-saving sanitation.

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