Front view of Manghan AeroEclipse II BAN Nebulizer
Close up of Manghan AeroEclipse II BAN Nebulizer
Complete image of Manghan AeroEclipse II BAN Nebulizer
Front view of Manghan AeroEclipse II BAN Nebulizer
Close up of Manghan AeroEclipse II BAN Nebulizer
Complete image of Manghan AeroEclipse II BAN Nebulizer


Monaghan AeroEclipse II Breath Actuated Nebulizer

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Product Overview

Product Overview

The Monaghan AeroEclipse II Breath Actuated Nebulizer (BAN) produces aerosol in response to the inspiratory flow of the patient. This on-demand patient therapy leads to less medication waste, higher drug delivery efficiency, and safer working environments. By combining the benefits of breath actuation and superior aerosol particle size, AeroEclipse II BAN delivers the most effective respirable dose of the industry.

Product Features

Product Features

Safe and Effective

Delivers a high respirable dosage with the right particle size to go to the therapeutically relevant lung regions. A proprietary one-way valve protects family members and professionals from toxic secondhand aerosols that could contain harmful pathogens.


Accommodates a wide range of patient breathing patterns including changing Inhalation:Exhalation ratios to avoid potential under-dosing as compared to continuously operating nebulizers


Different tidal volumes and frequencies are used by the patients. The drug given helps them control their disease, but if their nebulizer is continuously producing aerosol, up to two-thirds of it can be lost between breaths and active exhalations, potentially leading to uncontrolled disease states or the need for additional therapy. Breath actuation ensures a steady and reliable dose regardless of the rate and volume of their breaths.

Important Tips

Important Tips

How to use:

  • Close your lips completely over the mouthpiece, avoiding the valve at the bottom.
  • If you're wearing a mask, make sure it's snug against your face.
  • Breathe slowly and deeply, aiming to hold each breath for 3-5 seconds.
  • When you breathe in, the green button on the top of the AeroEclipse II BAN will fall down, and when you breathe out, it will go up.
  • Make careful to follow any extra directions given by your healthcare professional.
  • AeroEclipse II BAN is good for seven days of usage.

Set Up:


To remove:

  • Rotate 45 degrees counterclockwise
  • Place prescribe medication into the nebulizer cup (max fill volume= 6 ml)

To Reattach:

  • Align the top assembly with the stem in the bottom of the nebulizer
  • Rotate 45 degrees clockwise


Manufacturer:Monaghan Medical Biofeedback Button:Provides visual confirmation of actualization and inhalation Fill Lines:Provide accurate drug measurements Built in Mode Selector:Allows for convenient and easy operation either in breath actuated or continuous mode Mouthpiece:Can be removed, cleaned, orreplaced User Friendly EZ Twist Tubing:Easy assembly and removal

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