Luna II QX CPAP With Integrated Heated Humidifier

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Item #: LQX2000

Product Overview

The Luna QX CPAP is a single pressure system with advanced features. You can have instant access to therapy data on your mobile device using the handy mobile app.

Your privacy goes first! The Luna II QX doesn't come equipped with data sharing or compliance monitoring capabilities, keeping your data secure and private.


Product Features

Automatic Pressure Adjustments

  • It does not require manual pressure adjustments from a doctor. The Luna II QX Auto CPAP adjusts therapy pressure automatically based on measurements from your breathing. You'll still need to see the doctor for follow-up appointments.

Built-In Dual-Chamber Heated Humidifier

  • The heated humidifier has multiple adjustable settings for an increase or decrease of heat, creating the optimal humidity for your therapy experience based on your needs.

Therapy Data with Our Mobile App

  • Now you can check the status of your therapy in our mobile app by scanning the QR code output to the display to get an instant access to your data. This allows you to take your therapy data with you for an instant readout.

No Data Sharing Capability

  • For those that don't need or want to share therapy data with outside entities, the Luna II QX Auto provides therapy data for the end-user alone but does not push data into the cloud for insurance companies or doctors to view.

Extended Ramp Time

  • Ramp time reduces pressure to the lowest setting and gradually increases it over time. It only reaches full pressure up to 60 minutes later, presumably after you've fallen asleep. It's designed to keep you comfortable, helping make it easier to fall asleep.

Reslex® Pressure Relief with Auto Start and Mask Leak Detection

  • Just breathe to start your therapy. The device can detect your breathing and can use it as a cadence to start the machine, while the Expiratory Pressure Relief is used to make it easier to exhale. Expiratory Pressure Relief reduces therapy pressure when you exhale, meaning you'll have to use less force to get the air out, and is a comfort feature many machines have. Mask leak alerts are used to tell you when your mask is leaking so you can fix it, and it's an additional feature for the Luna II QX.

Color LCD Display

  • Navigate menus on the LCD display easily using an intuitive turning knob, and see how effective your previous night of therapy was. You'll get vital information about your sleep, without needing to do much extra work.

Includes SD Card for Storing Data

  • Now you can store your data in the SD Cars so that you can transfer it to your computer for a more in-depth analysis or share it with your doctor. It's a great way to spot problems with your therapy and find a good solution.


Product Specifications

3B Medical
Pressure Range:
Dimensions: 10.79 in L x 7.24 in W x 4.53 in H
Weight: 4 lbs
Operating Temperatures: 41 degrees F to 95 degrees F
Sound Level: 28 dB
Available Mode: APAP. CPAP mode available if desired.
AC Power Consumption: 100 - 240 V AC, 50 / 60 Hz, 2.0 A
Ramp: 0 - 60 minutes
Warranty (Machine): 2 years
Warranty (Accessories): 3 months
Hose Length: 6 feet

User Guide

Document Center

Luna II QX User Manual

Luna II QX Clinician Setup Instructions

Luna II QX Sleep Reporting

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