Inogen One G3 Portable Oxygen Concentrator Bundle (Pulse Dose)

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Product Overview

At just 4.8 pounds the Inogen One G3 is compact, stylish, and powerful. Its advanced motor provides Pulse Dose oxygen therapy efficiently and effectively during all phases of daily activity and, for most users, in can even be used at night! Each Inogen One G3 Bundle comes complete with AC and DC cords and integrated batteries to create an ideal solution for active oxygen therapy users 24-hours a day 7-days a week!

Product Features

Product Features

Powerful, Stylish & Sophisticated

Inogen has listened to customers and clinicians to create the ultimate in portable concentrators - providing more oxygen per pound than previous generations without compromising battery life. Compact and easy to carry, The Inogen One G3 will provide you with peace of mind whether for home use, travel, daytime or night use. The stylish look eliminates the feel of carrying medical equipment and it's so small you can carry it with one hand!

Works Hard to Make Your Life Easier

With Intelligent Delivery Technology and 5 flow settings, the Inogen One G3 has been verified to deliver oxygen and maintain patient saturations as effectively as Continuous Flow in all modes of use - it makes more oxygen per pound than previous generations yet provides a longer battery life, and it's smaller and lighter.

Oxygen Delivered on Inhalation for Maximum Benefit

Inogen's proprietary conserver technology ensures oxygen is delivered within the first 400 milliseconds of inspiration -- where it has the most effect on lung gas exchange. The Inogen One G3 utilizes unparalleled triggering sensitivity to quickly detect a breath and deliver oxygen within this critical period; it can even detect shallow breathing during periods of sleep for successful therapy 24-hours a day.

Adaptive Response in Times of Activity and Rest

The Inogen One G3 delivers oxygen in a pulsed dose, called a bolus, each time you breathe in. As your respiratory rate (breathing pattern) changes the Inogen One G3 actively responds to make the best use of oxygen delivery. During periods of activity breathing rates increase so the G3 reduces bolus size to ensure oxygen is not wasted on expiration. During periods of rest and sleep breathing rates typically decrease so the G3 increases bolus to account for the longer periods of inspiration. At 10 breaths per minute, the Inogen One G3 delivers double the bolus size as when the breathing rate is 20 BPM.

Goes the Distance so You Can Too

Approved by the FAA for use on airlines as well as trains and boats - the Inogen One G3 provides a single solution for daytime and nighttime use eliminating the need to travel with multiple machines - everything you need is in one small package. You can power your Inogen One G3 using a standard wall outlet, DC outlet found in most vehicles or power your concentrator by battery. Travel has never been easier!



Size (Approx):With Single Battery = 3.0 x 8.75 x 8.25 Inches
With Double Battery = 3.0 x 8.75 x 9.25 Inches
Weight (Approx:With Single Battery = 4.8 Lbs
With Double Battery = 5.8 Lbs
Materials:Not Made with Natural Rubber Latex Continuous Settings:Not Applicable Pulse Dose Settings:1 to 5 (Up to 1050 ML/Min) Oxygen Per Pulse:Varies (Average Bolus Size) Oxygen Concentration:90% +6%/-3% at All Settings Start Up / Warm Up:2 Minutes Sound Levels:≤ 39 dBa (Typical) Operating Altitude:Up to 10,000 Feet Tubing & Cannula Length:Up to 25 Feet (Maximum) Filters:External: Reusable Particle Filter Alarms:Battery Low, O2 Service Soon, Check Battery, Oxygen Low, Remove Battery, Communication Error, Service Needed, Oxygen Sensor Failure, No Breath Detected, Oxygen Error, Oxygen Delivery Error, System Error, Battery Hot, Battery Empty, System Hot, System Cold AC (Wall) Power:Universal 100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz AC Power Supply:Yes AC Power Supply Size:4.25 x 1.25 x 2.25 Inches (Approx) AC Power Supply Weight:.85 Lbs (Approx) AC Power Cord Length:12 Feet 10 Inches (Approx) Power Consumption:19-50 Watts Typical DC (Mobile) Power:DC Power Cord Included DC Power Supply Weight:.4 Lbs (Approx) DC Power Cord Length:7 Feet 8 Inches (Approx) DC Power Input:13.5 - 15.5 Volts Battery Power:1-3 Batteries Included Depending on Bundle Selected Battery Type:Rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery Weight:Single = 2.0 Lbs
Double = 3.0 Lbs (Approx)
Battery Run Time:Setting 1: 4.5 Hours on 8-Cell, 9.5 Hours on 16-Cell
Setting 2: 4.0 Hours on 8-Cell, 8.5 Hours on 16-Cell
Setting 3: 3.0 Hours on 8-Cell, 6.0 Hours on 16-Cell
Setting 4: 2.0 Hours on 8-Cell, 4.0 Hours on 16-Cell
Setting 5: 1.7 Hours on 8-Cell, 3.3 Hours on 16-Cell (Average)
Recharge Time:Single = 3-4 Hours
Double = 6-8 Hours (Typical Per Battery)
Battery Life:500 Cycles (Average) Battery Notes:Updated for 2016 InogenOne G3 devices. Batteries will charge whenever sufficient AC or DC Power is available. For battery care guidelines refer to your InogenOne G3 manual. If using multiple batteries, make sure that each battery is labeled (1, 2, 3 or A, B, C, etc.) and rotated on a regular basis. Batteries should not be left dormant for extended periods of time. Store batteries in a cool, dry place. Store with a charge of 40-50%. For optimum performance, once per month: Fully charge the battery then discharge to 10%, then charge back to full

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