Brevida Headgear
Woman sleeping with Brevida Headgear
Brevida Headgear
Woman sleeping with Brevida Headgear

Brevida - Headgear

BY Fisher & Paykel
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Item #: 400BRE120

Product Review

This is the replacement headgear with clips for the Brevida™ Nasal Pillow CPAP Mask

Product Details

The Brevida™ adjustable headgear has the VisiBlue™ hue on the exterior of thin headgear straps to show the separation between the straps which lie on the back of the head and the thicker straps which connect to the headgear clips.

The headgear slides over the head and above the ear, with the blue straps resting softly on the back of the head. If the fit is not optimal once the headgear is placed over the head, the fit can be adjusted by increasing or decreasing the tension on the headgear strap as it slides through the headgear clip.

This purchase includes the headgear and one set of headgear clips only.

Product Specifications

Brand: Fisher & Paykel
Manufacturer: Fisher & Paykel
Adwords_grouping: Home Sleep Test
GTIN: 9420012436573
Weight of the Headgear: 0.35 oz
Dimensions of the Blue Headgear Straps: 11.00 in L x 0.50 in W
Dimensions of the Gray Headgear Straps (Including Tabs): 8.25 in L x 0.50 in W
Included In Box: 1 Set of Headgear Clips
Material: Latex Free

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