CPAP Wipes Bottle
Bottle on nightstand next to desk.
CPAP Wipes Bottle
Bottle on nightstand next to desk.

EnduriMed CPAP Mask Wipes

BY EnduriMed
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Product Overview

Your morning routine should include anything but washing and rinsing.

EnduriMed CPAP Mask Wipes simplify your day with a one-step solution to sanitized sleep therapy equipment. Use them on your mask, nasal plugs, water reservoir, and all ends of tubes for an effective clean, safe from harsh chemicals, and without the residue!

Product Features

Effective Clean for Ultimate Performance

CPAP devices are a blessing to those with sleep apnea, and even more so for their sleeping partners. However, like all products that we heavily rely on, they must be cleaned regularly. 

Cleaning your CPAP equipment is not only necessary from a germs perspective but helps to lengthen your equipment's usefulness and performance. As we all know, cleaning takes time and effort. For you to stay consistent with a good cleansing routine, EnduriMed CPAP Mask Wipes has made it easier than ever to clean your mask and other CPAP accessories quickly.

Excellent for Daily Use

Daily maintenance won't feel like a chore anymore. Living life with sleep apnea already involves many steps; why should you add more to your cleaning routine? 

EnduriMed unscented CPAP mask wipes keep your CPAP equipment safe from harsh chemicals and grime. Simplify the sanitizing process with a steady supply of convenient wipes with all the properties to fight germs and bacteria for safe and effective cleaning. 

Don't run the risk of sleeping with unsanitized equipment. The most harmful grime is the one we cannot see, but you can get rid of potentially dangerous pathogens that can accumulate on your devices with a quick wipe down and avoid getting sick or developing allergies. Plus, your equipment will perform better if it's appropriately cleaned. 

Super Strong, Soft, and 100% Safe Premium Wipes

Designed in the USA using lint-free fabric and innovative cleansing formula, EnduriMed CPAP Mask Wipes offer high quality and effective clean while being very gentle on sensitive skin.

Fresh and Odor-Free!

EnduriMed Unscented CPAP Mask Wipes clean everything without any trace or soapy scent. Free of chemicals or any unpleasant odors. Highly-protective of your skin and never subject to animal testing. 

For the Fastest Clean

The fastest cleaning option for your CPAP mask and other CPAP supplies.

EnduriMed CPAP Mask Cleaning Wipes can clean everything from your mask, nasal plugs, water reservoir, and all ends of tubes. Non-woven and lint-free, these CPAP mask wipes will not leave anything but sparkling cleanliness behind. 

Pack of 70 Wipes

All 70 EnduriMed CPAP Cleaner Wipes are tightly sealed in a handy canister, keeping each sheet perfectly moist for longer. It's easy to store them by the bed or pack in a travel suitcase, so you can quickly grab one whenever you want, wherever you are! 


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