Compack Neck Pillow with Snap & Go

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Product Overview

Bucky’s Compact Neck Pillow with Snap & Go is your ticket to restful comfort anywhere you find yourself. Designed to contour every curve of your neck to provide support and release pressure into your shoulders.

Enjoy comfort while traveling, reading, watching TV, napping, and anywhere else life takes you.

Product Features

Natural Millet Hulls Filled

  • The Compact Neck Pillow is filled with millet hulls that are eco-friendly, thermo-sensitive, hypoallergenic, and provide optimal neck support. Design to conform every curve with pressure-reliving support to help your neck and shoulders ease into deep relaxation.

Comfort All The Time

  • The U-shape of the Compact Neck Pillow cradles the head with the silky-smooth texture of millet hulls, and the slightly heat-conserving nature of millet provides a gentle warming effect for added coziness. Millet yields slowly under compression and provides little resistance until weight is distributed evenly over the entire area.

Travel Friendly

  • This travel pillow is guaranteed to provide a wonderful quality of sleep that leaves you truly rested and ready to go which makes these the perfect travel neck pillows for airplanes!

Customizable Fit

  • The Compact Neck Pillow can also be customized to your desired fullness—simply unzip the outer cover and inner liner to add or remove filling. Each neck pillow comes with a removable, machine washable cover available in a variety of colors. Do not microwave.

Product Specifications

Brand: Bucky 
Manufacturer: Bucky
Material: 100% Polyester, filling: 100% millet hulls
Dimension: 11.5 x 7.5"
Included In Box: (1) Neck Pillow in Selected Style

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