Mannequin wearing Wizard 230 for her.
Wizard 230 for her.
Mannequin wearing Wizard 230 for her.
Wizard 230 for her.

Apex Medical

Wizard 230 for Her - Nasal Pillow CPAP Mask with Headgear

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Product Overview

Product Overview

The WiZARD 230 nasal pillow mask is designed specifically for women with simplicity and functionality in mind, providing minimal facial contact and a clear open view.
The self-adjusting nasal pillows and breathable headgear ensure excellent seal and comfort to optimize sleep quality.

Product Features

Product Features

Breath O Prene Headgear

The breathable and soft headgear technology with angle reinforcements for extra stability during movements is a game changer. This mask makes wearing headgear feel non invasive and comfortable.

Self Adjusting Nasal Pillows

Nasal pillows on a soft and flexible base turn to the nostrils to fit comfortably for most users. A groove in the middle of the cushion avoids touching the nose tip and upper lip; they are detachable for easy cleaning and hook back easily for intuitive assembling.

Quick Release Swivel

Easy to handle the tube's connection and disconnection with the quick release swivel that allows fast removal of the mask without the need to re adjust. A convenient feature if you get up during the night or like to sleep in a little more and need a quick routine in the morning.

Quiet Experience

The small vents ensure a quiet operation at all pressure settings, so neither you nor your bed partner is disrupted during sleep.

Ball and Socket Elbow with Short Tube

The ball and socket elbow allows tube positioning in all directions and accommodates free movement during sleep.

User Friendly Packaging

Include storage bag and cleaning brush.

Lightweight Frame

Sleep light as a feather. The lightweight winged frame follows your face contour for a comfortable fit, so you won't feel the heaviness of dragging a mask in your sleep.

Important Tips

Important Tips

  • Make sure you do not overtighten the Wizard 230 nasal pillow mask. The nasal pillows are self-adjusting and will move with you as you sleep.
  • If you dislike the short tubing hanging down from your mask, the Wizard 230 has a hook on top of the mask where you can clip the short tubing.
  • The Wizard 230 mask is ideal for anyone who is a side sleeper, someone who has claustrophobic feelings, and/or someone who like to read or watch T.V before going to sleep.


Manufacturer:Apex Medical Sizes Available:Extra Small, Small, Medium (All sizes come with mask) Included in Box:1 Wizard 230 mask frame with 3 cushion sizes and headgear Cushion Materials:Silicone

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