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Product Overview

Back, side, or stomach? No matter what position you sleep in, this mask gives you the freedom to sleep how you like, and even leaves room for cuddling.

ResMed AirFit™ N30i feels more natural, with a top-of-the-head tube design, a curved nasal cradle cushion for a comfortable seal, and a SpringFit™ frame for fast and accurate fitting. The quick-release elbow that disconnects the mask from tubing makes your bedtime routine more manageable if you need to get up at night.

Experience less interrupted sleep, and feel more wakeful the next day.

    Product Features

    Innovative Top-Of-The-Head Tube Design

    Top-of-the-head tube design provides freedom at night for a wide range of movements during sleep so you can sleep comfortably in any position without the interference of tubing that can sometimes get tangled in the bed and even disturb your bed partner. 

    Comfortable Cradle Nasal Cushion

    Are you tired of getting sores inside your nose from traditional nasal cushions? The curved cradle cushion of the N30i offers a less invasive seal that, unlike a nasal pillow, it does not use inserts that go directly into the nostrils. Instead, it curves to seal gently against the nostrils without contact with the skin on the nasal bridge. Ahhh, that's much better!

    The AirFit N30i will use the "Pillows" setting for AirSense 10, AirCurve 10, and S9 series of PAP machines.

    No More Leaks

    The CPAP air pressure travels through the frame for a soft yet secure cradle seal. The tubing that connects to the elbow connector at the top of the head delivers air pressure throughout the mask frame on both sides. This means you can sleep in any position you want since the pressure compensates for delivering on the unobstructed side.

    Clear Field of Vision 

    Top-of-the-head tubing connection with 360° swivel gives you complete freedom of movement, and the tubing will always be out of sight and out of the way since it attaches at the crown of the head. The open design gives you a clear view so you can wear glasses to read or watch TV, sleep in any position, and closer to your bed partner. 

    SpringFit™ Technology

    Made for increased comfort and adaptability. The mask adjusts to different facial features so that you can get an accurate fit first time around.

    A chin strap may be used under the mask frame if needed with the AirFit N30i. 

    Available in two frame sizes. 

    You can choose from two frame sizes, and the Starter Pack includes four cushion sizes (Small, Medium and Small-Wide, and Wide) to explore what works best for you. The soft sleeves on the mask are designed for added comfort and reduction in facial marks.

    Quick-Release Elbow 

    Simplify your bedtime routine and easily disconnect your mask with the quick-release elbow. The pinch-clip elbow stays attached to the tubing to ensure parts do not get stuck or lost.

    Lightweight and No-interference

    The minimal parts to this mask make it lightweight and non-invasive. With no front-end tube, the mask stays out of sight and out of the way.


    The AirFit N30i is compatible with any standard CPAP manufacturer, Auto CPAP, or Bi-Level devices such as Philips Respironics and Fisher & Paykel, and ResMed's CPAP machines designed for home use, except for the AirMini machine. 

    Easy Maintenance

    Cleaning the AirFit N30i is similar to cleaning other CPAP masks. It's recommended to clean your nasal cushions after each use, and the headgear, frame, and elbow weekly. 

    Wash all components with warm water and mild liquid detergent, rinse thoroughly, and let air dry. For the frame sleeves, squeeze with a clean towel to remove excess water.

    Product Specifications

    Brand: ResMed 
    Manufacturer: ResMed
    HCPCS Reimbursement Code: A7034
    Included In Box: Mask frame, cushions (optional sizes), headgear, user guide
    Prescription Required: Yes
    Cushion Type: Silicon/Gel
    Adwords_grouping: Nasal Mask
    Mouth Breather: Yes

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