Combo for Lumin CPAP Cleaner and Lumin Bullet.

Lumin & Bullet Bundle

BY 3B Medical
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Product Overview

Now you can take care of all your CPAP cleaning with the 3B Medical Lumin and Lumin Bullet combo pack. The Lumin machine cleaner works great for your mask, the exterior of your tubing, and everyday items such as your phone, keys, wallet, and more. To properly clean the inside of your tubing the Lumin Bullet will work wonders with its revolutionary mechanism. Act fast while supplies last.

Product Features

3B Medical Lumin CPAP Mask & Accessories Machine Cleaner

  • A cleaning cycle a day keeps the doctor away (especially when its this easy). A clean machine protects your health and works better and more efficiently, plus it beats counting sheep at night.
  • A specialized UV Light, similar to those found in hospital operating rooms and sterile clean rooms, disinfects your sleep therapy equipment in just 5 min.
  • It's a safe way to get your sleep unit and accessories germ-free without harmful chemicals for healthier and effective usage.

3B Medical Lumin Bullet CPAP Tubing Cleaner

  • The Lumin™ Bullet provides a thorough clean with a safe and effective sanitizing UV light that streamlines the entire hose disinfection process.
  • The dirty truth about CPAP machines is that bacteria, viruses, mold, and fungi can often occur in the attached equipment. The tubing is a dark, warm, and moist area; in other words, bacteria heaven.

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