Top view of 3B ComfortLine Heated Tubing Kit with Power Supply.

3B ComfortLine Heated Tubing Kit (With Power Supply)

BY 3B Medical
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Item #: 3BCL1000

Product Overview

Interested in adding a heated hose to a CPAP or BiPAP machine?

The innovative ComfortLine is a universal solution that can be fully integrated into any humidifier and on any type of mask that uses a standard tube.

Product Features

Reduces Rainout or Condensation

  • By heating copper wires embedded in the walls of the tubing using its own power source. The medical grade power source gently heats the copper wires embedded in the walls of the tubing to prevent the humidified air from condensing as it travels from machine to the mask.


  • Works with any CPAP or BiPAP machine which uses a standard hose

Stand Alone Power Supply and Cord

  • The cuffs of the tube are rigid to support the heated tube.

Compatibility Note:

PR System One devices with software Versions EARLIER than 1.24 are not recommended for use with the ComfortLine Heated Tubing. The version of software flashes on the display screen when the machine is first turned on.

Product Specifications

Brand: 3B Medical 
Manufacturer: 3B Medical
Dimensions (ComfortLine Heated Tube): 71.25 inches and 19mm in diameter

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