September 02, 2020

Medicare Coverage for CPAP & Supplies

Medicare Coverage for CPAP & Supplies

11 CPAP Supplies Medicare Won't Cover, But You Still Need.

Sleep apnea diagnosis embarks you on an unfamiliar therapy process that might feel intimidating at first. As this is entirely normal, rest assured, the process gets more natural over time. Your journey towards better, healthier sleep involves adjusting to your new protocol and finding the appropriate equipment that best suits your needs and lifestyle.  

So, here's the thing. CPAP therapy comes with a long list of essentials. The treatment doesn't stop at your CPAP machine. Proper maintenance and reliable accessories are just as important for the success of your sleep apnea therapy. 

Even a single-night treatment interruption may lessen your therapy's effects, and uncomfortable fittings, uncleaned equipment, or unplanned events are all causes of therapy suspension.

The good news is that there are plenty of options available that adhere to your way of life and can promote continuous compliance with your treatment plan for a lifetime of good sleep.  

A sleep apnea diagnosis is the first step to explore the best treatment option for your condition. Once a treatment plan is in place, you become equipped to select a CPAP machine that provides you with the specific positive airway pressure (PAP) you need, determined by your doctor. 

As you progress, you'll find a significant amount of CPAP supplies available to make your therapy sessions more comfortable and effective. Every provider has different levels of coverage for equipment like CPAP machines, masks, and replacement parts. 

Does Medicare cover CPAP therapy equipment?

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Medicare will help pay the cost of a 3-month trial of a CPAP machine with an obstructive sleep apnea diagnosis. The coverage can be extended if you meet specific criteria, but if you need additional coverage, you may want to consider a Medicare Supplement Plan (Medigap). 

Unfortunately, CPAP cleaners are not covered by Medicare. Medicare will cover an approved amount for the machine and supplies of your therapy. The challenge is that not all equipment is covered, yet they are imperative for a successful treatment. 

The Importance of CPAP Supplies for Successful Treatment

CPAP supplies work in conjunction with your CPAP machine for additional support promoting treatment compliance and safety. 

It's essential to replace and care for your CPAP machine and accessories to ensure that your device is clean, functions properly, fits comfortably, and you can use it anywhere you go. All this amounts to a safe, reliable, and convenient process that allows you to commit to your therapy plan with greater success.  

Medicare offers a replacement schedule because the routine replacement of supply parts such as nasal cushions and tubing can profoundly affect your comfort level. If CPAP therapy is comfortable, you're more likely to use your CPAP every night. 

Your CPAP's additional equipment is a lot like other daily personal hygiene products: it decays with usage, stops working optimally over time, and can become unsanitary. Regular maintenance and replacement can increase the benefits and enhance your sleep apnea treatment experience.

There are four main reasons you should invest in CPAP supplies

  1. Hygiene: CPAP accessories, such as tubing and masks, can accumulate germs and bacteria over time. Replacing them and using the right CPAP cleaner can help you stay healthy.
  2. Effectiveness. You should replace your equipment regularly so that it continues to function correctly. Regular wear and tear can cause skin irritation and leaks.
  3. Uninterrupted Therapy Protocol: The success of your treatment relies on its continuous usage. Don't spend a night without your CPAP equipment because of travel or loss of power. We recommend having a Travel CPAP Machine, reliable power supply cords and external batteries.
  4. Comfort: a good mask fit leads to treatment compliance. Old equipment can lose their grip and become uncomfortable over time. We recommend a regular change of your CPAP nasal pillows and mask liners to promote your treatment adherence.

The Best CPAP Cleaners

SoClean™ 2 CPAP Cleaner kills 99.9% of bacteria, viruses, and mold of the CPAP mask, tubing, and CPAP unit. There is no need to disassemble your equipment; dries instantly, and it doesn't require water, making this the perfect cleaner to adapt to your CPAP routine. 

Sleep8 is the perfect cleaning device for those constantly on the go for its practicality. Easy to pack, fits all your supplies and accessories, and runs on a rechargeable battery. It's a convenient and effective way to keep all your CPAP supplies sanitized.

Virtuclean is a safe bet. It is simple to use, gets the job done in only 30 minutes, and is small and portable. Its convenience guarantees to make you more prone to using it every day, so you adhere to your treatment plan and stay healthy at the same time. 

Lumin Bullet is the solution for cleaning difficult parts of your equipment, such as the hose attached to your CPAP equipment. It's the last section you think of cleaning, yet one of the most prone to bacteria and mold growth. This cleaning device removes 99.9% of all bacteria in under 2 minutes, using non-toxic UV light's cleaning properties, so you can sleep soundly and worry-free.

Mask Wipes are incredibly helpful for effortless daily care. Having them by your bedside will help you establish a good habit of wiping your equipment down after each use. The wipes are alcohol and solvent-free and should not damage your equipment, plus there is no lingering after-smell.

Top Travel CPAP Machines

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Resmed AirMini is the perfect travel companion to keep your treatment on track and your life uninterrupted. Small yet powerful, this CPAP machine is portable and convenient, compatible across the board, and fits your therapy needs.

DreamStation Go is a portable CPAP machine that provides a comfortable experience making it ideal for long-term therapeutic use. The minimalistic design and its travel-friendly features include a USB charging port, battery capability, and micro tubing. You can easily use it at home or on the go.

Go-to Power Supplies

CPAP Power Cords are ideal for travel plans giving you peace of mind wherever you go. The power supply is designed for universal inputs.

Medistrom Batteries are the perfect travel companion. Enjoy a care-free trip, or stay calm during a power outage knowing your sleep apnea treatment can continue as planned. This portable and versatile battery can power your CPAP equipment for up to 10 hours or more in almost any environment or condition.

Comfort Products

CPAP Pillows get worn out with regular use and can lead to skin irritations, soreness, or leaks. Instead of purchasing a new mask, get a set of new nasal pillow cushions, and breathe like new.  

Mask Liners once you try these, you won't go back. These mask liners rest softly on your face to help reduce noisy leaks, prevent redness, pressure marks, and irritation. 

CPAP therapy is a long-term commitment to better health and a greater quality of life. Investing in proper equipment that supports you in this process is key to reaping improved sleep benefits. 


Written by The Sleeplay Team

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