Eco-friendly products

Our toothbrush is the latest development in sustainable every-day products. Most people use regular one-piece plastic toothbrush across the globe. Every year it results in 3.3 billions of pounds of plastic waste. Bamboo toothbrushes, electric toothbrushes and even snap-on heads brushes weren't successful in changing that. And the reason is that most people don't care about pollution. So instead of trying make them care we decided to offer them the same product at the lower price point. The other problem we're solving with this invention is bacterial pollution of a toothbrush head. Snap-on connections aren't waterproof, which means that bacteria and fungus can harbour in the crevices and contaminate newly replaced heads. That's why some companies make their snap-on heads covered with silver. Our patent pending design makes connection seamless and waterproof, preventing bacteria from harbouring in the handle and contaminating newly replaced head. With this design plastic pollution is decreased by over 90%. And the price can go as low as $2 per 12-pack, this can even make modern oral hygiene accessible to people living below the poverty line.

  • Sleek design

    Stylish minimalistic design is just a little bonus, the most important thing is hidden inside

  • Disposable heads

    Specially designed, patent pending connection is seamless and waterproof. Which means that you can dispose the used head and replace it with the new one, without getting any bacteria from the handle onto the head