Adventure games

Sleeplay was founded by game industry's veterans so development of a new game was just a question of time. We all grow up on Lucas Arts and Sierra's point'n'click adventure games, then our tastes got mixed up with modern adventures from Telltale and Quantic Dream. But for a long time development of what we though would be the great adventure game was out of our reach, as independent developer. But still we tried to imprint our vision into other games. That lead to creation of Strangestone, a project developed by Bicycle Studios, it is a casual adventure game, which means that it is highly tailored to specific tastes of the audience with the publisher's strict supervision. Nevertheless we tried to make things on which we had artistic freedom as we imagined them. So we're proud of the quiet thrilling environment in the game as well as attention to details. But still we had to throw away a huge chunk of our work. So key developers decided to leave Bicycle Studios and form Sleeplay to make the games that we care about and to make the the way that we've always dreamed to. Without cliché gameplay and repetitive experiences and to make something unique and amazing instead. Creating such games is still a very expensive endeavour but we've already developed most of the technologies that dramatically optimized the development. And we're expecting crowd-funding to solve the rest of the problem, as soon as we'll polish the work-flow and present awesome demo.

  • Our 3D scanning technology produces realistic results in just a fraction of the time required previously from 3d modellers

  • And the game engine's advanced lighting and rendering systems are capable of producing locations ranging from gloomy dark places

  • To cosy, warm indoor environments

  • To spacious outdoor locations